4 Simple Steps to Living Your Dream Life

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What makes you happy?

Being a Visionary?

Are you a Visionary?


Being a Maven?

Are you a Maven?


Being a Specialist?

Are you A Specialist?


Being a Processor?

Are you a Processor?


Being a Protector?

Are you a Protector?


Being a Naturalist?

Are you a Naturalist?


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Edu-Advisor is the ultimate training companion because it helps users to figure out their interests and passions through experiences and self-discovery. Edu-Advisor provides organized insights about learning events and experiences that help our users find and prepare for dream careers.

Dream2Career, LLC, owner of the Edu-Advisor platform, is a social enterprise made-up of parents, educators, and business professionals who want to serve their community by creating synergies between workforce and education. Edu-Advisor helps students and displaced workers find on-ramps to dream careers. Edu-Advisor is organized using the Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) which is made of six clusters: Visionaries, Mavens, Specialists, Processors, Protectors, and Naturalists. When you define who you are and what makes you happy, it is simple to find events, networks, and learning experiences that make your life worth living. 

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