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Learn About the Future of Retail from Expert: Alex Baloga

Advice For Maven, Naturalist, and Specialist Career Seekers: 1. The food industry, like the retail industry, will continue to evolve. 2. There are great paying jobs in the food industry. 3. Some of the largest employers in PA are in the food industry. 4. Don’t be afraid to take chances and try new things. READ MORE

Learn How to Find Your Career Pathway from Expert Engineer: Ron George

Advice for Naturalist and Protector Career Seekers • Energy field changes every day, always something new • Mentors can really help • Make sure your managers understand what you want out of your career, then they can help you with the necessary skills • If you have the ambition, be flexible in your position, for example, if you have to work late some days, it may be important that you do this if you want to be able to advance your career. • Learn how to read people • If interested in energy field, you would need technical skills such as electrical, mechanical, technical but Vistra has positions that encompass various fields such as law, human resources, financial, environmental, etc. READ MORE

Learn about the Skills of Tomorrow from Educational Leader: Grace Suh

Advice for Processor Career Seekers: • Surround yourself with mentors and role models • There are many opportunities today in tech field because it is changing so rapidly, and therefore it is important to have a background in technology for any career • Look to emerging fields like Cloud, AI, cybersecurity, block chain, green jobs, and climate change • It’s important to have the tech skills but also to develop professional skills such as, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. • Remain agile and willing to adapt, be bold and brave and authentic and open to diversity and a variety of perspectives READ MORE

Learn about Strategic Leadership, Education, and College Admissions from Industry Leader: Cameron McCoy

Advice for Processor Career Seekers: Students don’t always need to follow a linear model. In some cases, colleges give credit for outside learning experiences. Lehigh is looking into using Blockchain. Students should start thinking about the Admissions process early and don’t wait until their senior year Students should understand who they are and what they are looking for, consider regionality, understand the cost of higher ed. University alumni and upperclassmen can serve as mentors to help steer students toward future jobs in the field they are interested in and persuade students to look at different options if there are no potential opportunities in the future Learn from mistakes and continue to grow READ MORE

Learn about Entrepreneurship from Visionary Janice Dru-Bennett

Advice for Visionary Career Seekers: Learn from mistakes and continue to grow Personal experiences are important Future of entrepreneurship will continue to grow Volunteer for non-profit to gain experiences Connect with alumni from your educational institution READ MORE

Learn About Entrepreneurship from Experts: Jack & Kristen Digwood

Advice for Visionary Career Seekers: • Two important factors that contributed to Jack and Kristen’s success were better customer service and marketing on social media • During the pandemic, involvement in tele-health and staying viable were very important • The industry is changing and there is a need to capitalize and recapture clients to maintain the business • Prospective entrepreneurs should shadow a business they are interested in and/or talk to other business owners • Develop your skills and self-improve, remain strong and resilient to any problems or challenges that come your way • Important to develop your skills in marketing so that you control your message • Study customer service READ MORE