Learn About Entrepreneurship from Experts: Jack & Kristen Digwood

Advice for Visionary Career Seekers: • Two important factors that contributed to Jack and Kristen’s success were better customer service and marketing on social media • During the pandemic, involvement in tele-health and staying viable were very important • The industry is changing and there is a need to capitalize and recapture clients to maintain the business • Prospective entrepreneurs should shadow a business they are interested in and/or talk to other business owners • Develop your skills and self-improve, remain strong and resilient to any problems or challenges that come your way • Important to develop your skills in marketing so that you control your message • Study customer service READ MORE

20 ways classrooms came together in 2020 with Microsoft Education

This year, we saw millions of classrooms come together in unexpected ways. While it might not have been easy from behind a mask or computer screen, everyone in the Microsoft Education community—from principals and teachers to students and parents—have shown flexibility and resilience this year. The community has worked together to create engaging and inclusive READ MORE

Canadian Storytelling in Minecraft: A Creative Response to Teaching During a Pandemic

In the spring of 2020, Canadian schools were in the midst of closures due to the global pandemic. Teachers were looking for ways to engage students virtually. The Canadian edtech trainers at Logics Academy came up with a plan: a countrywide storytelling challenge for students with Minecraft: Education Edition as their medium! Read this guest READ MORE