2020 Best Holiday Lights and Tree Displays Near Atlanta

Atlanta Botanical Garden/Jason Getz See the brightest and most beautiful holiday Christmas lights in Atlanta and beyond. Looking for more holiday family fun? Find more holiday events to enjoy this season. Explore a neighborhood near you with our list of neighborhood light displays. Please check websites for COVID-19 safety procedures or cancellations. Light Displays Holiday READ MORE

Why Choose a Liberal Arts School for Studying Music?

  By Ashley Eady Choosing a liberal arts school for studying music is a great way to meet the needs of students with academic and musical needs. How do you know if it’s a good fit for you? How will a liberal arts school prepare you for your career?  For answers, we spoke with current READ MORE

Skills College Music Education Majors Need

By Barbra Weidlein The impact of Covid-19 on teaching music continues to shed light on critical skills college music education majors need for their future careers. Many schools of music are reimagining their curricula to prepare students for a different teaching environment than the one that existed before the pandemic hit. While this continues to READ MORE