A cardiac device clinical specialist training and placement program that’s like on-the-job training—only better. Founded in 2009, PrepMD teaches, inspires, and connects aspiring and talented professionals with the medical device companies and healthcare providers who require their medical device expertise. Our tuition-based program focuses on training for cardiac rhythm management (CRM) and electrophysiology (EP) careers, in either account manager or device specialist roles, through a rigorous, 24-week process. Within no time, our participants, who come from different educational and/or professional backgrounds, will begin to assist with implanting and monitoring pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, electrophysiology catheters, and other life-saving cardiac devices. PrepMD is both a training and a placement program. The knowledge, laboratory preparation, and clinical experience our participants gain at PrepMD will equip them for a rewarding career, and for a range of other cardiac device support roles, within the medical device industry or hospital and office-based positions. With world-class faculty, award-winning facility, and world-renowned clinical partners, PrepMD offers a stellar placement rate of 94%! The 24-week bootcamp is highly valued in the industry, and our graduates are known as some of the best at these jobs that are in high demand.

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