Visionaries in King Of Prussia

Visionaries (the Futurists) see and understand the big picture. A visionary has a plan and will take risks to reach a deeper understanding. This group is analytical and seeks the truth. Visionaries are entrepreneurs and forward-thinking individuals in any field. Visionaries are also found in STEM careers, science, technology, engineering, and math. This group of individuals can be good at almost anything making the career decision process overwhelming with too many options from which to choose. If you have an interest in AI, VR, the internet of things, drones, robotics, self-driving cars, bitcoin, gig economy, advances in energy, advances in medicine, or all things futuristic check out the visionary careers.

AdElevate Growth Consulting Group

314 South Henderson Road, Suite G, #344

Bachelors Degree, Advanced or Professional Degree


King Of Prussia


$47K-$57K/year, $58K-$65K/year, $86K-$100K/year

Part-Time, Day, Summer program


3-6 Months, 9 Months - 1 year

Siera Smith

High School Students, College Students, Educator Programs (Train-the-Trainer)

College Prep, Lectures & Webinars, On-the-Job Training, Internships

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