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AdVSA, Inc.

1835 Market Street, Suite 820, Philadelphia, PA




Valerie Schlitt

High School Students, College Students

On-the-Job Training

    AdDream2Career | Seeking Maven Interns

    150 Main Street, 252, Plymouth PA 18651

    On-the-Job Training, Certifications Licenses & Badges, HS Diploma or GED, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree

    PrepMD, Vertex Labs

    Wilkes Barre


    $10K-$25K/year, $26K-$30K/year, $31K-$38K/year, $39K-$46K/year, $76K-$85K/year, $86K-$100K/year

    Part-Time, Day


    3-6 Months

    Human Resources

    Advances in Education, Artificial Intelligence, Gig Economy

    High School Students, College Students, Displaced Workers or Career Changers, Individuals with disabilities, Veterans, Educator Programs (Train-the-Trainer), Diversity and Inclusion Programs

    College Prep, Lectures & Webinars, Scholarships, On-the-Job Training, Internships, Incubators & New Startups, Apprenticeships & Co-Ops, Career Events & Expos, Job Shadowing, Mentorships, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree


      120 Seymour Street, Lancaster, PA 17603


      Human Resources