Education & Training in United States

Training services related to learning support. Teaching others how to accomplish personal or company goals including teachers, trainers, coaches, and advisors.

AdDream2Career | Seeking Maven Interns

150 Main Street, 252, Plymouth PA 18651

On-the-Job Training, Certifications Licenses & Badges, HS Diploma or GED, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree

PrepMD, Vertex Labs

Wilkes Barre


$10K-$25K/year, $26K-$30K/year, $31K-$38K/year, $39K-$46K/year, $76K-$85K/year, $86K-$100K/year

Part-Time, Day


3-6 Months

Human Resources

Advances in Education, Artificial Intelligence, Gig Economy

High School Students, College Students, Displaced Workers or Career Changers, Individuals with disabilities, Veterans, Educator Programs (Train-the-Trainer), Diversity and Inclusion Programs

College Prep, Lectures & Webinars, Scholarships, On-the-Job Training, Internships, Incubators & New Startups, Apprenticeships & Co-Ops, Career Events & Expos, Job Shadowing, Mentorships, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree


    50 Braintree Hill Park #102, Braintree, MA 02184

    Bachelors Degree, Advanced or Professional Degree


    $58K-$65K/year, $66K-$75K/year, $76K-$85K/year


    3-6 Months


    Career Events & Expos, Study Abroad & Camps, Competitions & Hackathons

      AdMichael I. Kaplan, LLC

      35 Wesley Street, Savannah, GA 31406

      Georgia Southern University's Center for Applied Cyber Education



      Part-Time, Full-Time, Virtual, Day, Summer program

      Michael I. Kaplan

      Advances in Data Management & Logistics, Advances in Education, Advances in Electronics, Advances in Energy, Advances in Healthcare and Devices, Advances in Manufacturing, Advances in Self-Driving Vehicles, Advances in the Trades, Advances in Transportation, App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Holograms, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, Robots, Cyber Security, Smart Devices

      College Students, Displaced Workers or Career Changers, Veterans