Free Virtual Workshop – Designing Mobile Apps

Students will work in teams to design a mobile app. They will select an app idea, develop a prototype, and present their final product to the class. This session will provide you with specific tools, techniques and workflows to help you kick-off your mobile app idea the right way. Join us to learn the latest

Must Have Career Exploration Graphic Organizer

Exploring your options in STEM? This free graphic organizer is for you. Record all of the necessary information about your favorite future jobs and make more informed decisions. Use this resource in tandem with the Career In STEM Explorer to set yourself up for future greatness in STEM.

Distance Learning Resources and Webinar for STEM Educators

Need help navigating distance learning? The upcoming school year may pose as another challenge for schools and online learning. Get ahead with these free tips for Career In STEM. Listen to webinars, read articles, and access resources to make distance learning a breeze for teachers and students.

Be an MRI Technician (and make your own machine!)

Want to learn what it’s like to be an MRI Technician? Career In STEM’s career development resource will jumpstart your future as an MRI technician. Not sure if this is the job for you? Learn how to make an MRI machine and explore other STEM interests through Career In STEM’s many webquests and free downloads.