Free Virtual Workshop – Make a Website Using HTML/CSS

Did you ever wonder how websites are made? Have you ever wanted to make your own website? Making a website is easier than you may think. In this workshop, students will learn the elements of HTML and CSS and use them to create a website. Using a text editor and web browser, students will edit

Free Virtual Workshop – Build Your Own Voice App With VoiceFlow

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are very popular technologies allowing you to interact with technology by just talking. What makes those technologies work? The answer is Artificial Intelligence-powered software, like apps! You don’t need to work for Amazon or Google to build apps for Alexa and Google Assistant. Anyone can write apps! In this workshop,

Free Workshop – Lights, Camera, Action: Storytelling and Video Production

Video is a powerful way to communicate stories through individual videos or a series of video shorts that can be used in many ways such as news stories, teach a skill, crowdfunding videos, calling people to action on an important issue, serving as a public service announcement, or simply to tell a story. Storytelling is