AI for Manufacturing Technical (#AIFightsBack Online Seminars)

AI for Manufacturing – a game-changer for techies

This session is for technical employees in manufacturing who need to learn more about building ai systems for manufacturing processes. Steph will cover key topics including;

  • How to optimise flow through the manufacturing process
  • Identifying quality issues
  • Minimising downtime for machinery
  • Consolidate existing data and what off-the-shelf AI solutions
  • Moving beyond POC and scaling AI.

She will also talk through techniques used to improve overall functioning in manufacturing such as quality control, reducing operational costs, and relaying data to give smart insights. Another key area covered is how to move beyond proof of concept stage and scale AI in manufacturing.

AI is already having a significant impact on manufacturing and those who are getting it right will reap real benefits. It’s estimated that there is a 4-10% EBITDA increase from predictive maintenance AI solutions alone. It is set to become a key differentiator in manufacturing processes, and you need to stay ahead of the competition. This webinar will give you robust practical insights and real use cases.

AI Fights Back

#AIFightsBack is an online webinar series for anyone in business who needs to learn about how AI can create value and help you come back stronger than ever.  Learn from top-notch data practitioners about core automation tools, growth opportunities and the ‘AI quick Wins’ that you can easily adopt in your business to gain momentum.

This series is brought to you by Nightingale HQ – your complete platform for AI adoption.

If you are a data expert and you want to contribute to our series please contact Ruth Kearney

Speaker profile

Steph Locke, CEO Nightingale HQ, Microsoft MVP

Steph Locke is the CEO and co-founder of Nightingale HQ, a platform helping businesses get AI ready. She also works as a consultant, via her own company, Locke Data. Finally, Steph is also the founder of several conferences, including the worldwide R event; satRdays, and the new DataOps event, DataOpticon.

Steph’s talks, blog posts, conferences, and business all have one thing in common – they help people get started with data science and AI. Steph holds a dual Microsoft MVP award (one for AI, and another for Data Platform) for her community contributions.


This AI in manufacturing webinar series is brought to you by Nightingale HQ and is in partnership with the Irish Centre for Business Excellence Network (ICBE).

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