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October 17 - 09:00 am


October 18 - 05:00 pm

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An annual global conference promoting AI technologies and AI applications in industry.
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AI Pioneer Conference is an annual global conference promoting AI technologies and AI applications in industry, initiated and organized by AI Core User Group Community (AICUG). Building on the foundation of a very successful first and second AI Pioneer conference held in 2018 and 2019, this year we will organize two AI Pioneer Conference sessions – online and offline. Speakers can choose online or offline to participate. The main focus will be trending and advanced AI technologies and applications of AI across industries. The conferences will host AI experts from China, USA, Japan, Israel, Germany, UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and other countries, who will present, explore, and discuss various AI-related topics with global developers. Our invited speakers come from reputable organizations, and include university professors, experts, and tech groups.

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Online Conference Agenda

Oct 17, 2020

09:00-17:15 AI Platform + Data Science

·09:00-09:45 XGBoost in Python, from Start to Finish – Founder and CEO of StatQuest, Dr. Joshua Starmer

·09:45-10:30 Bayesian methods and couple of practical application of doing Bayesian inference to solve real world problems – Algorithm Director at Fanhan Tech, Dr. Xiaofeng Liu

·12:45-13:30 Application of Unity machine learning ML-Agent – Technical Manager of China, Jianyun Bao

·13:30-14:15 Application of Causal Analysis Tool in Kuaishou – Economist at Kuai Shou, Dr. Miaoyu Yang

·14:15-15:00 Kuaishou attribution analysis – Economist at Kuai Shou, Dr. Yaran Jin

·15:00-15:45 Bayesian methods and couple of practical application of doing Bayesian inference to solve real world problems – Nokia Machine Learning Lead, Praveen Bezawada

·15:45-16:30 How to use the new generation Tensor Core of NVIDIA Ampere-based GPU to accelerate computing extremely –NVIDIA GPU Expert, Patrick Liu

·16:30-17:15 NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit with 101 pre-trained models embedded –Senior Trainer at NVIDIA, Kun He

Oct 18, 2020

08:45 -11:45 NLP

·08:45-09:30 Smart Assistant: Dialogue interactive search and recommendation technology –Head of User Understanding and Intelligent Assistant of Tmall Genie, Dr. Henry Wang

·09:30-10:15 NLP domain porting without large labeled data –Chief scientist of Cyclone, Dr. Wei Li

·10:15-11:00 Personalized Intelligent Community Support – Head of Intelligent Support Platform at Airbnb, Dr. Ying Zhang

·11:00-11:45 Towards Practical Conversation Voice Search and Natural Language Generation System – Tech Lead at Google Assistant, Dr. Jinfeng Rao

11:45-13:15 Automatic drive

·11:45-12:30 Topic TBD – Head of Machine Learning at QCraft, Dr. Xiaodong Yang

·12:30-13:15 Topic TBD – Assistant Professor of Informatics Research, Nagoya University, Japan, Alexander

14:45-16:15 AI Multimedia

·14:45-15:30 Computer vision technology empowers video business –Head of Netease Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Department, Dr. Bo Jiang

·15:30-16:15 Youku Video Quality Evaluation System –Senior algorithm expert from Youku Moku Lab, Dr. Jing Li

Offline (Shanghai) Conference Agenda

Oct 31, 2020

13:00-15:15 AI In Finance

·13:00-13:45 Ping An Bank’s Practice of Intelligent Upgrade in Risk Decision Making –Head of Retail Big Data Risk Control Products, Han Zhou

·13:45-14:30 Practice of Federal Learning in Ping An Bank – Head of Retail Big Data AI Service, Ping An Financial, Hui Zhou

·14:30-15:15 Improve APP intelligent operation capabilities –Head of the retail big data marketing service group of Ping An Bank, Ming Yan

13:00-18:00 AI Platform + Data Science

·13:00-13:45 Topic TBD – Alibaba,speaker TBD

·13:45-14:30 Baidu Open Source Deep Learning Platform PaddlePaddle Introduction and Case Sharing –Paddle of Baidu, Jun Zhang

·14:30-15:15 CoohomCloud: Intelegent Render based Cloud Platform for Super Large Scale Data Generation and Environment Cognition – Chief Scientist at Kujiale, Dr. Rui Tang

·15:15-15:45 Coffee Break

·15:45-16:30 Secret of YunSou (Search Cloud at 58) – Head of Recommended search at 58, Ke Lu

Afternoon Parallel Session A

13:00-18:00 Knowledge Graph + Cognitive Computing

·13:00-13:45 Application of Graphical Neural Network in Finance and Medical Director at Alibaba,Dr. Zhao Li

·13:45-14:30 Representation and Application of Product Knowledge-Graph – Senior Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Dr. Wei Zhang

·14:30-15:15 All-in-one Graph Computing: GraphScope –Director at Alibaba, Dr. WenyuanYu

·15:15-15:45 Coffee Break

·15:45-16:30 Application, Challenge and Chance of Graph Computing at Alibaba Senior Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Zhengping Qian

Afternoon Parallel Session B

13:00-18:00 NLP

·13:00-13:45 Implementation of NLP in daily service at 58 – Head of AI Lab at 58, Kunlin Zhan

·13:45-14:30 Development and Technical Implementation of RPA+AI – VP at LaiYe Tech, Jiaxin Wong

·14:30-15:15 Coffee Break

·15:15-15:45 The Era When AI Applications Land With Accelerating Speed, How to Implement Speech Recognition? – R&D Director at AIspeech, Dr. Shaofei Xue

·15:45-16:30 Speech generation technology and application –Co-founder, technical leader, Yifu Li

Nov 1, 2020

09:00-12:45 Recommendation + Search + Growth

·09:00-09:45 Audio Search Technology in Interactive Conversation of Intelligent Assistant – Head of KG&Recommended search at Tmall Genie, Cheng Yao

·09:45-10:30 Technology and Application of Cross Field Information Stream Recommendation – Head of Information Flow Recommendation at TmallGenie, Yuewei Zhang

·10:30-11:15 Research and Application of Big Data in Games – NetEase Researcher, Dr. Jianrong Tao

·11:15-12:00 Data Driven User Growth – Head of User Growth Algorithm at Tencent, Zhangbin Zhu

·12:00-12:45 Music Recommendation System for Paid Members – Head of Algorithm at NetEase Cloud, Yilong Zhao

Morning and Afternoon Parallel Session A

09:00-17:45 NLP at Alibaba

·09:00-09:45 Technology and Applications of AutoML Platform for NLP at Alibaba – Senior Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Changlong Sun

·09:45-10:30 New Era of AI Enabled Legal Service for Enterprise- Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Dr. Hongsong Li

·10:30-11:15 Technology and Applications of Intelligent Judiciary – NLP Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Dr. Yating Zhang

·11:15-12:00 Practice of Alibaba AI Technology on Speech Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Dr. Hao Zheng

·12:00-13:30 Coffee Break

·13:30-14:15 Ali Secretary: Progress and Trend of Intelligent Q&A – Senior Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Ji Zhang

·14:15-15:00 Real-time Intelligent Conversation: Technology and Challenges – Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Kehan Chen

·15:00-15:45 Ali Secretary: Implementation of Visualized Q&A and Cross Modal –Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Chunqi Wang

·15:45-16:15 Coffee Break

·16:15-17:00 From Controllable to Attractive: Implementation and Exploration of marketing text generation – Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Zhiling Luo

·17:00-17:45 Emotion Analysis in Intelligent Customer Service System – Algorithm Expert at Alibaba, Shangyong Song

Morning and Afternoon Parallel Session B

09:00-18:30 AI + 5G + AIoT

·09:00-09:45 Topic TBD –Head of Zhejiang Mobile AI Lab, Haichuan Li

·09:45-10:30 Challenge of AI in Logistics – CTO at Shucheng Tech, Dr. Wei Dong

·10:30-11:15 AI empowers smart logistics and opens a new era of terminal – Alibaba Cainiao Senior Algorithm Expert/Head of Intelligent AI for Terminal Logistics, Lixia Wu

·11:15-12:00 Deep learning based multi-granularity fashion image search algorithm –CEO at Zhiyi Tech, Zeyu Zheng

·12:00-12:45 Analysis of the technical concept of the unmanned perception module of Qingzhou Zhihang – QCRAFT Director, computer vision, robotics, machine learning expert, Yu Zhang

·12:45-13:30 Coffee Break

·13:30-14:15 Build a driverless car from scratch based on the embedded platform –Algorithm Engineer, Zhejiang Mobile Cloud Intelligence Center, Liangliang Qi

·14:15-15:00 Autonomous driving and AI design and manufacturing – VP PIX Moving Global and GM of PIX Moving(USA), Sean Zhu

·15:00-15:45 TBD

·15:45-16:15 TBD

·16:15-17:00 TBD

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