BEYOND CRIME SCENES AND AUTOPSIES: A Philly Speaker Series at Thomas Jefferson University

Association of Women in Forensic Science, Inc. (AWIFS) presents BEYOND CRIME SCENES AND AUTOPSIES-free monthly speaker series open to the community sponsored by Thomas Jefferson University.

Join us for conversations and interactive presentations with experts who will discuss forensic science, violence, and related topics.



About the Speaker:

Scott P. Charles, MAPP

Trauma Outreach Coordinator, Temple University Hospital

Scott P. Charles is the Trauma Outreach Coordinator for Temple University Hospital and is Director of TUH’s Cradle to Grave Program, an award-­winning hospital-­based violence prevention initiative that illustrates the harsh realities of gun violence for public school students and adjudicated youth. He also coordinates the hospital’s Project Turning Point, a unique violence intervention program that seeks to reduce the likelihood of re-­injury and retaliation among recent gunshot survivors. Scott also directs the hospital’s Fighting Chance program, which teaches community members to provide first aid to victims of a gunshot injury, as well as the Safe Bet program, which has distributed more than 4,000 free gun locks to Philadelphia residents. His work with gun injury prevention has been showcased on CNN, CBS News, ABC World News, MSNBC, Huffington Post, and NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. His work has also been featured in the New York Times and in the HBO documentary Gun Fight.


Scott has spent more than 25 years working with at-risk youth and has spoken nationally about the use of service-learning in urban school settings. A native of California, he served there as an at-risk youth specialist for the State Department of Education, working with former gang members and teen parents, and assisting in the development of a statewide rite of passage program for young African-American males. Scott holds degrees in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and is a recipient of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Community Health Leaders Award



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