Data Security in the Education Sector


September 11


04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Pulse Cyber Security

An essential online event for educators & professionals in the education sector, responsible for the security of personal data & the GDPR.

Schools & colleges are at the forefront of responsibility, in respect of the GDPR & Information Security

As personal data comprises any information that can help identify a person or their family, this brings huge responsibility on the education sector. In school or college records, this would be names, addresses, contact details, disciplinary records, as well as marks & progress reports. This sort of data remains “personal” even if an individual chooses to publicize it.

The education sector also has to contend with the significant responsibility that comes with collecting & processing special category (sensitive) personal data, along with the application of bio-metric data within the educational environment.

Special category personal data relates to more sensitive information. Where schools are concerned, this includes students’ bio-metric data (fingerprints, photos), religious beliefs, health or dietary requirements (which may in turn hint at their religion or health). Data in this category can pose a risk to peoples rights & freedoms, therefore can only be processed under certain conditions. Schools or colleges are unlikely to use it without parental consent.

Our 30 minute webinar will cover all aspects of the security challenges education faces, along with a deep insight into the human science aspects of cyber security & cyber crime.

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