Science to Data Science (online): PhDs moving to industry and startups


10,000 Data Scientists for Europe

Supporting PhDs and postdocs interested in a #datacareer in the industry or startups. Learn how to achieve the transition in 6 to 9 months.

The problem for AI in Europe is not the money, it is finding the talent” (Leading European AI practitioner)

Data Science, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence constitute the fastest-growing job market for the very highly qualified.

This workshop offers you the following:

  • Guidance: How do I find out if a career in data analytics or data science is right for me?
  • A customizable roadmap for completing the transition in 6 to 9 months
  • Tips and tricks on approaching the labor market and hiring managers

Target participants

Any Ph.D. or postdoc with a numerate background – e.g. STEM, statistics, econometrics – that is curious about the opportunities in the industry and in startups.

COVID-19 update – the event will address the changing labor market, anticipating some of the challenges (e.g. layoffs, hiring freeze) and also the opportunities (e.g. accelerated digitalization creates more data).

Online workshop

For this online workshop, the number of tickets is limited to facilitate questions and interactivity. All attendants will receive the link to the online video meeting.

To prepare, you can use the workshop slides prepared for the N2 conference of the Max Planck PhDNet, Helmholtz Juniors, and Leibniz PhD Network. The slides are available on Slideshare.


  • >500 screenings and interviews of aspiring data analysts and data scientists
  • An event series in e.g. Berlin, Bonn, Firenze, Freiburg, Göttingen, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Köln, Leipzig, Mainz, München, Stuttgart, Tübingen
  • >100 re-written CVs and behind-the-scenes cooperation with hiring managers & recruiters

Workshop lead

Dr. Macarena Beigier-Bompadre is a founding member of the AI Guild and a Data Scientist at modellagenten. Earlier she was a Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin.

Dr. Chris Armbruster is a founding member of the AI Guild, Europe’s leading AI practioner community. Earlier, he was the Director at Data Science Retreat. He also helped roll out digital infrastructures for the 80 Max Planck Institutes, while also researching postdoc careers.

Workshop structure

17.45 Online warm-up and introduction to the workshop

The objective is to empower workshop participants to pursue a career in the Data & AI professions. A customizable roadmap is offered for a successful transition.

18.00 What is a Career in Data Science or Data Analytics?

Based on industry trends and a large number of Ph.D. talents that have become Data Scientists or Data Analysts we explore career options and job opportunities.

  • Data on the global AI talent pool
  • Data on business, startups, and the European labor market
  • The German landscape explained
  • Interactive Q&A via online chat

18.30 The roadmap to getting hired

Together, we query the four essential milestones of the career transition, namely a) exploration of the field; b) domain orientation; c) skills gap analysis and training; and d) career start.

  • Roadmap for the transition
  • Interactive Q&A via online chat

19.00 The industry-ready CV or resumé

Let’s look in detail at examples of industry-ready CVs for Data Analytics and Data Science

  • Examples and stories
  • Interactive Q&A via online chat

19.30 Trends in employment, startups, and industry

Data on job growth, startup funding, and industry trends are presented. Moreover, data on starting and median salaries have also been collected by a variety of independent sources.

  • Presentation of data and trends
  • Final Q&A via online chat and video

20.00 End of the online event

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