SocietyX : Therapeutic Art Workshop


September 22


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Mavens PA

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Lya & Sarah Take your creativity to the next level as They balances your mind with art

About Lya Pouleyy : Lya Pouleyy is a creative, visual and movement artist. Born and raised in Paris, France, she moved to NYC in 2014. She studied design, art, dance and psychology in Paris and London. She also began teaching dance in 2003 when she was only 17 years old. After she graduated in 2009 in design, she was the very first graphic designer at Disneyland in Paris and then went to work in Montreal, Canada. That same year, she was started freelance journalism for a web magazine: she covered all Hip Hop events (shows, exhibitions, dance battles, performances, festivals etc) in Paris and overseas. Thanks to her involvement in the community and in the youth, she was offered a two weeks workshops by Civitas Solis in Italy with other young European entrepreneurs, to learn about leadership, teamwork, and how to heal through dance and art. Civitas Solis was so impressed by her skills that they invited her the next year, but this time, to be a consultant. Then, they sent her to Austria and different states in France where she developed her healing expertise. In 2012, she was consulting twice per year at the Club Med as dance instructor, performer and dance healer, in Greece, Turkey, Morocco and the Caribbean Islands. In October 2014, she moved to Brooklyn and started to teach dance and art in after school programs such as the United Palace Theater, The Spence School, and other organizations in Manhattan. In 2016, she opened her dance studio in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn where she continued her dance healing activities for individuals and couples’ workshops, and she also in Manhattan. In conjunction, she created “Lya Pouleyy and friends”, an art exhibition in Brooklyn. She worked with the Nigerian artist Laolu Sanbajo: New York Fashion Week, Vodka Belvedere, Whitney Museum etc. She perfected her art healing program and body painting wellbeing. All her experiences helped her understanding her clients needs, from individuals to corporations. She can detect people’s ill-being just by observing their movement to the music because the body language is a powerful indicator. Thanks to her abilities, her clients open up to her healing because she has the right words and gestures

About Sarah Serrano-Esquilin

Sarah Serrano-Esquilin is a Brooklyn based artist, educator holding a license in Special Education Birth-6th, and a recent Master’s graduate at Pratt Institute in Creative Arts Therapy. She has been creating art and writing poetry for the last 6 years, and has worked with celebrities, brands, and galleries. Sarah believes in the therapeutic benefits of art and making it accessible to all. Sarah also helps her husband teach Salsa and Bachata classes, proving that two left can still learn and have a good time!

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