The 4th Paradigm: Utilizing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

The 4TH Paradigm: Utilizing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a fairly new technology being used in a wide range of practical areas. While showing great potential in predicting outcomes both in the private and commercial sphere, AI might also pose some challenges as the privacy of consumers and citizens can be compromised.

However, learning about the fundamentals of AI, both technically and conceptually, is paramount in understanding this new technology that will only gain more traction and influence more areas of society. Furthermore, it is essential that AI still represents the society and world we live in.

But how can we be part of ensuring this if we are not data scientists?

Join us on the 26th of March 2021 from 13:00-13:45, when Mark West, who is Head of EMEA at 4Paradigm, will join us for a talk about artificial intelligence. 4Paradigm is an AI technology and service provider, who uses machine learning technology to helps enterprises to improve work efficiency, reduce risks and achieve greater commercial values. At the webinar, Mark will discuss the application of artificial intelligence in various contexts, including real-world use cases. He will suggest ways in which even those with non-technical backgrounds can better understand and engage with AI as it increasingly shapes the 21st century. Mark will round up the webinar with an open Q&A following his presentation.


13:00-13:30; Talk by Mark West, Head of EMEA at 4Paradigm

13:30-13:45; Q&A

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