The Future of Education


June 2


07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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Monica Truong

What should the ideal school of the future look like? Join 3 experts in Canada to design the school of the future, now!

Does the public schooling system prepare our children for the future? If not, what would a school for the future look like? Are there examples of that kind of school now? Is there any evidence that a ‘school of the future’ can be created in the pandemic/post-pandemic world? How do we know this new type of school ‘works’?! Join Chinook Free Learners for an interactive panel discussion with 3 Canadian experts and visionaries in the field of education, as we contemplate and co-create the ideal education for the future – today.

Speaker Bios

Meghan Carrico is an educational consultant with 32 years of experience in student centred education, specializing in educational choices that emphasize family connection and empowerment of children and young people. She was a parent, teacher, then principal of Windsor House, BC’s only publicly-funded, democratic K-12 school started in the 70s.

Heather MacTaggart is a social entrepreneur, an educator, and a problem solver. She is the executive director Classroom Connections. Since 1997, Classroom Connections has evolved from a grass-roots resource hub for schools to an award-winning producer of innovative education/training materials that are in use across Canada and around the world. She is the On-site leader of Change It Up initiatives within Alberta First Nations communities. Heather is also co-author of, “Overschooled but Undereducated”, with John Abbott in the UK. She is passionate about making the education system work for everyone.

Richard Fransham is a youth rights advocate working on the Youth Rights Day initiative. He is retired from over 30 years of teaching in public, Catholic and private school systems, and a faculty of education. He has advocated for educational change throughout his career and currently promotes youth led, adult supported change efforts. He is a co-founder of Uniting for Children and Youth, described as a meeting place for people to get out of their silo and work together. He also co-founded the Ottawa Public Education Remake Initiative, which promotes a particular kind of school within a neighbourhood school, one that is seen as the gateway to a common sense transformation of conventional schooling.

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