Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS) : 2020 Annual Conference & Expo


November 16 - 08:00 am


November 19 - 10:00 pm

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Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS)

TMLS consists of a community comprised of over 6,000 ML researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs.
We’d like to welcome you to join us

We’d like to welcome you to join us in celebrating the top achievements in AI Research, AI companies, and applications in industry. 

Each ticket includes:

  • Access 80+ hours of live-streamed content (incl. recordings)
  • Talks for beginners/intermediate & advanced
  • Network and connect through our event app
  • Q+A with speakers
  • Channels to share your work with community
  • Run your chat groups and virtual gatherings!
  • Hands-on Workshops

Taken from the real-life experiences of our community, the Steering Committee has selected the top applications, achievements and knowledge-areas to highlight.

Come expand your network with machine learning experts and further your own personal & professional development in this exciting and rewarding field. 

Also included: Included will be: 

  • Breakouts and Keynotes on-site
  • 60+ Speakers
  • AI Career Fair / Expo with top 50 AI Start-ups and 1200+ job-seekers. 
  • Women in Data Science Ceremony

We believe these events should be as accessible as possible and set our ticket passes accordingly 

The TMLS initiative is dedicated to helping promote the development of AI/ML effectively, and responsibly across all Industries. As well, to help data practitioners, researchers and students fast-track their learning process and develop rewarding careers in the field of ML and AI. 

What to expect at TMLS;

Business Leaders, including C-level executives and non-tech leaders, will explore immediate opportunities, and define clear next steps for building their business advantage around their data.

Practitioners will dissect technical approaches, case studies, tools, and techniques to explore challenges within Natural Language Processing, Neural Nets, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Evolution Strategies, AutoML and more.

Researchers will have the opportunity to share with their peer’s cutting-edge advancements in the field.

Machine learning, deep learning, and AI are some of the fastest growing and most exciting areas for knowledge workers – simultaneously, they are the key to untapped revenue sources and strategic insights for businesses. Firms are using AI to create unprecedented business advantages that are reshaping the global – but more specifically Canadian – economic landscape. Practitioners are leveraging and expanding their expertise to become high-impact global leaders.

Despite the vast opportunities that lie within our data, there are also explicit challenges to revealing their potential. Furthermore, transitioning to a career in practicing AL/ML, or managing ML and AI-driven businesses, are less than straightforward.

Why should I attend Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS) : 2020 Annual Conference & Expo

Developments in the field are happening fast – for practitioners, it’s important to stay on top of the latest advances. Business leaders know that the implementation of new technology brings specific challenges.

The goal of TMLS is to empower practitioners and business leaders with direct contact to the people that matter most. For data practitioners, you’ll hear how to cut through the noise and find innovative solutions to technical challenges. Business leaders will learn from the experience of those who have successfully implemented ML/AI and actively manage data teams.

Seminar series content will be practical, non-sponsored, and tailored to our local ecosystem. TMLS is not a sales pitch – It’s a connection to a deep community that is committed to advancing ML/AI and to create and deliver value and exciting careers for Businesses and Individuals.

We’re committed to helping you get the most out of the TMLS.

Joining together under one roof will be:

  • Machine Learning/deep learning PhDs and researcher
  • C-level business leaders
  • Industry experts
  • Enterprise innovation labs seeking to grow their teams
  • Community and university machine learning groups


Steering Committee & Team 

Who Attends


Q: What are the technical requirements to be able to participate?

Laptop or personal computer, strong, reliable wifi connection. Google Chrome is recommended to run the Virtual Conference platform.

Q: Can I watch the livestream sessions on my phone or tablet computer?

Yes, the Virtual Conference is accessible via a smartphone or tablet.

Q: Which sessions are going to be recorded? When will the recordings be available and do I have access to them?

All sessions will be recorded during the event (provided speaker permissions) and will be made available to attendees approximately 2-4 weeks after the event and be available for 12 months after release.

Q: Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? There is not. Everyone is welcome.

Q: Can I get a training certificate?  Yes, we can provide this upon request.

Q: How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please email

Q: What’s the refund policy? Tickets are refundable up to 30 days before the event.

Q: Who will attend? The event will have three tracks: One for Business, one for Advanced Practitioners/Researchers and one for applied use-cases (Focusing on various Industries). Business Executives, PhD researchers, Engineers and Practitioners ranging from Beginner to Advanced. See Attendee Demographics and a list of the Attendee Titles from our past event here. 

Q: Will you focus on any industries in particular?Yes, we will have talks that cover Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and other key industries where applied ML has made an impact. 

Q: Can I speak at the event? Yes you can submit an abstract here. Deadline to submit a talk is Sept 15th, however, we will continue to review submissions. 

*Content is non-commercial and speaking spots cannot be purchased. 

Q: Will you give out the attendee list? No, we do our best to ensure attendees are not inundated with messages, We allow attendees to stay in contact through our slack channel and follow-up monthly socials.

Q: Can my company have a display? Yes, there will be spaces for company displays. You can inquire at

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