LSE Management Masterclass 2021

LSE Management Masterclass will be hosted on Zoom by the LSE Widening Participation Team and Department of Management. We’re inviting Year 12 students to join our online event to gain an insight into the exciting field of Management and the opportunities studying Management can lead to, have an insight into university-level learning and hear what

Developing a Personal Leadership Mindset

Better understand leadership values and how they influence your behavior as a leader. Leadership and management are not necessarily the same thing, but today those job descriptions are expected out of one person. Every manager in today’s workforce is expected to be an effective leader, mentor and coach. In this workshop, you discover the differences

The Future of Education

What should the ideal school of the future look like? Join 3 experts in Canada to design the school of the future, now! Does the public schooling system prepare our children for the future? If not, what would a school for the future look like? Are there examples of that kind of school now? Is