(SC)² 42nd Annual Conference

This conference is designed for science teachers, by science teachers, to enhance science education. The conference will highlight sessions within the following strands: Disciplinary Literacy, SEPs, Inquiry, Formative Assessment Strategies and STEAM Integration. Preconference sessions will be offered on Wednesday, November 6. All preconference sessions require preregistration. Keynotes, general sessions, exhibit hall, and workshops will

“Rising Trailblazers”: Youth Empowerment Summit

“We broke the rules, we broke the cycle.” Poverty is a vicious cycle that can and will be broken. Witness the rise of today’s young trailblazers, who are under 30, yet changing the game! They will each share their story of triumph. The purpose of this event is to leave teens feeling empowered to improve in


What do sharks, termites, kingfishers and pitcher plants have in common? By emulating their design, they have helped to make our lives safer, stronger and more efficient. This “borrowing” of ideas is called biomimicry, and there’s much left to be discovered. Join us as we learn more from Deborah Bidwell, College of Charleston Senior Instructor.

Georgia Southern Planetarium Presents “Cosmic Recipe”

The famous astronomer Carl Sagan once said: “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Though that may sound crazy, Sagan was onto something BIG! Want to know what? Pull up a chair at our Planetarium’s Periodic Table and learn the cosmic recipes that created everything in our