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Am I a Maven?

Mavens are “in the know”, they are adventurous, people persons. Mavens communicate, invite and gather people together. Life is all about experiences for this group. They are risk-takers. These individuals are the ones that can talk someone into doing almost anything. They see beauty in unusual places, and they are super creative. Mavens are conversationalists, and they often leap then look. Career options include jobs involving art, design, music, communication, media, marketing, sales, leadership, hospitality, and tourism.

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  • Art, Communication & Media
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Entertainment
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Leadership

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Learn About the Future of Retail from Expert: Alex Baloga

1. The food industry, like the retail industry, will continue to evolve.
2. There are great paying jobs in the food industry.
3. Some of the largest employers in PA are in the food industry.
4. Don’t be afraid to take chances and try new things.

Learn about Strategic Leadership, Education, and College Admissions from Industry Leader: Cameron McCoy

Learn about Strategic Leadership, Education, and College Admissions from Industry Leader: Cameron McCoy

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Why Choose a Liberal Arts School for Studying Music?

  By Ashley Eady Choosing a liberal arts school for studying music is a great way to meet the needs of students with academic and musical needs. How do you know if it’s a good fit for you? How will a liberal arts school prepare you for your career?  For answers, we spoke with current

Skills College Music Education Majors Need

By Barbra Weidlein The impact of Covid-19 on teaching music continues to shed light on critical skills college music education majors need for their future careers. Many schools of music are reimagining their curricula to prepare students for a different teaching environment than the one that existed before the pandemic hit. While this continues to

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A symphony orchestra career can be an exciting experience that fulfills a lifelong dream. But it’s not easy to gain. It requires a huge amount of dedication and work – with no guaranteed outcome. by Barbra Weidlein If you’re passionate about this career field, it’s wise to be as informed as possible, and as soon

Music for Comfort or Healing

Are you interested in using the power of music to support comfort or healing? Whether you’re looking for college-level training, want to incorporate music into your work, or wish to find a way to use your musical skills to enhance the quality of life for people experiencing health crises or other life challenges, you’ll want