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Naturalists are individuals who love nature and seek harmony in their environment. They have a love for science as it relates to humans, animals, plants, and all living things. Naturalists, the most balanced of the mega-career clusters, use reason to solve problems but also understand beauty and creation in all forms. This group includes environmentalists, farmers and those who work in energy and conservation. It also includes people who work in labs and participate in biological research. Naturalists work in human services and help people emotionally. Naturalists are scientific and they find jobs in human services, agriculture, energy, and pharmaceuticals.

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  • Human Services & Social Sciences

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2020 FFA State Day of Service: Chapter Mini Grants

2020 Grant Application PDF2020 EXAMPLE Grant Application PDF Due to the unprecedented times in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, Missouri FFA in partnership with Missouri Farmers Care Drive to Feed Kids is offering chapters an opportunity to take part in a $300 matching mini-grant.   The goal of the Chapter Mini-Grants is to provide FFA chapters a Living to Serve opportunity to address

Shaken Faith

Faith. To me, faith is believing in things that are not always visible. Today when we look around it’s easy to believe what we see. What we see is hate, arguing and a lack of humanity. When we see these things, we can’t deny the fact that they are there, but we have to ask

Vision 2020: Missouri FFA Unveils New Communication Plan

After months of discussion and planning, Missouri FFA is excited to announce its new Vision 2020 Communication Plan.   Vision 2020 is a culmination of multiple media platforms including print, digital and video. Joann Pipkin, who has worked with Missouri FFA in a variety of communication capacities since 1996, serves as Missouri FFA’s director of communications.

Show Me Summit Leadership Experience Launched

As I reflect back on my FFA journey, I realize that the most significant personal growth and leadership development I experienced happened at Missouri’s State Leadership Camp at Camp Rising Sun in the summer heat. Just a few months ago, I was preparing to meet more than 1,200 FFA members at the Lake of the Ozarks for the

LEAD Chapter Officer Training Goes Virtual

Gather ‘round chapter officers! The annual LEAD Chapter Officer Training Program is being offered this year in virtual format. The free training resource can be completed at your own pace!   “Core Sessions” are facilitated using videos of this year’s LEAD instructors. These virtual sessions will walk you through exercises that will be foundational to

2020 Agriscience Results

Agriscience projects give students real-world, hands-on experience   Congratulations to the following State winners in the 2020 Agriscience Fair. Their applications will be submitted for national competition this month.   VIEW WINNERS >>

Your Impact on the World

Two weeks into quarantine and social distancing, an idea popped into my head but I wasn’t sure how I was going to carry out the plan with so much uncertainty in the world.    On April 4, 2020, I sent a text message that read, “Hello, I am Kaylee Lower, a senior at Weaubleau High

Are You Involved or Are You Committed?

You and I are involved in the Missouri FFA and are part of the 25,920 FFA members that make up the Missouri FFA Association. We are involved! When I mean we are involved, I mean that we show up to events when we have to. We do as our advisor asks and nothing more, just simply be involved. 

Days of Defeat

It was Feb. 4, 2019. I was exhausted and excited after a long night of watching one of my favorite sows have her litter of piglets. This litter, like many others, came with so much excitement for the upcoming months and seeing if the breeding selections and hard work had paid off. That spring, one