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Processor Careers Defined

Processors are educators, business, operational, and finance professionals. Processors teach, manage and define resources as they develop the project scope based on input from stakeholders. They engage in the planning, managing, and moving of people, materials and goods. All operations, supply chain, infrastructure planning, logistics services, facility maintenance belong in this category. They manage and develop the scope of projects, which can include training people as part of the plan. These individuals are employed in positions as director, supervisor, manager, bank teller, administrative assistant, personal assistant, customer service representative, clerk, agent, or dispatcher. They also work in accounting, human resources, finance, operations, or education.

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  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Education & Training
  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain

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Watch this 2 min video: Five or more yes responses means you are a Processor!

Beginning Circuits Activities for Kids that are Easy to Implement!

Paper Circuit fun with Chibi Lights I just adore Snap Circuits, but occasionally it’s nice to keep a project together to take home or create something, like a card, to send to someone else. In these cases, paper circuits are a great option! Disclaimer: Please note that Chibitronics did send me kits to review, but

Elementary STEM Con & Beyond

I often get asked about STEM PD opportunities, and while there are a number of awesome conferences to attend, this virtual one is a teacher favorite. Elementary STEM Con & Beyond is the STEM PD event of the year! Some professional development just really hits the mark. ❤️  Conference Content: 45+ sessions, panels, and interviews

At Home Online Learning Resources and Podcasts for Kids

Whether your kids are attending school virtually or back in the classroom, these fun resources can enhance their education and keep them enthusiastic about learning. Many are free, and some may be offering free access for a limited time during the pandemic. Academics Play games and watch educational videos at PBS Kids. Sign up for

30+ Ways to Safely Get Out and About

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your kids, heading outside is a great way to entertain in a safe manner. Scavenger Hunts: Secret Doors of Decatur  Discover this series of more than 30 miniature secret doors, each created a local artist and inspired by the idea of fairy doors. The doors are

Learn about the Skills of Tomorrow from Educational Leader: Grace Suh

Advice for Processor Career Seekers:
• Surround yourself with mentors and role models
• There are many opportunities today in tech field because it is changing so rapidly, and therefore it is important to have a background in technology for any career
• Look to emerging fields like Cloud, AI, cybersecurity, block chain, green jobs, and climate change
• It’s important to have the tech skills but also to develop professional skills such as, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
• Remain agile and willing to adapt, be bold and brave and authentic and open to diversity and a variety of perspectives

Learn about Strategic Leadership, Education, and College Admissions from Industry Leader: Cameron McCoy

Advice for Processor Career Seekers:
Students don’t always need to follow a linear model. In some cases, colleges give credit for outside learning experiences. Lehigh is looking into using Blockchain.
Students should start thinking about the Admissions process early and don’t wait until their senior year
Students should understand who they are and what they are looking for, consider regionality, understand the cost of higher ed.
University alumni and upperclassmen can serve as mentors to help steer students toward future jobs in the field they are interested in and persuade students to look at different options if there are no potential opportunities in the future
Learn from mistakes and continue to grow

20 ways classrooms came together in 2020 with Microsoft Education

This year, we saw millions of classrooms come together in unexpected ways. While it might not have been easy from behind a mask or computer screen, everyone in the Microsoft Education community—from principals and teachers to students and parents—have shown flexibility and resilience this year. The community has worked together to create engaging and inclusive

Immune Boosting Foods to Keep Your Family Healthy

Keeping kids’ bodies strong with a healthy diet can give them an edge against the germs they encounter in everyday life. Here are eight superfoods to add to your meal repertoire, along with kid-friendly serving suggestions. Berries This one isn’t a hard sell with kids. Berries are bursting with bioflavonoids, the plant chemicals that help

2020-21 Guide to Private School Admissions, Tours and Open Houses

One great way to get the feel of a school or preschool in metro Atlanta is to take a tour. This year, many schools are offering virtual tours, live video conferences, phone meetings, personal tours and even traditional open houses on a smaller scale. Some schools require pre-registration; please do so early before spaces are

25+ Not-To-Miss January Events

Children’s Museum of Atlanta This month, Atlanta has lots of family fun to offer from performances to special events to trains and more. Don’t miss our ideas for celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and take your family ice-skating. Adventure Cubs at Zoo Atlanta Embark on a new journey each month as

We’re here to help you get back-to-school ready!

Summer has always been a well-deserved break, but none more so than this year. To all teachers and educators who’ve been supporting our students—thank you. As we look forward to the new school year filled with optimism for 2021, January brings a rush of emotions for teachers – a mix of anxiety for what lies ahead and excitement to hit refresh whilst drawing

The acceleration of hybrid learning for higher-ed students and faculty

Before COVID-19 disrupted the education journeys of more than 1.5 billion students around the world, higher education institutions were already exploring ways to grow enrollment, reach more students, and better engage the “digital natives” of Generation Z. Though the need to move online created challenges, it also inspired solutions that will have long-lasting effects on

A Crafty Christmas

Creating decorations for the tree or as gifts for friends and relatives will put your family in a festive mood. Try these fun and simple ideas, or participate in live classes to make décor that’s a step above stringing popcorn or making construction paper chains. Michaels Michaels Kids CLUB is offering 24 Days of Merrymaking

Create Digital Stop Motion Animation

 Digital Stop Motion Animation Hands-on stop motion animation is one of my favorite STEM activities to do with kids, because it can be tied into almost any subject area, offers high engagement, and develops patience, perseverance, and persistence. It’s not always an option, though, such as when: Technology or materials are limited You don’t have

STEM Activities to Try While Reading Those Darn Squirrels!

STEM Activities to Accompany Those Darn Squirrels!   One of the BEST picture books for learning about STEM and the engineering design process is Those Darn Squirrels! by Adam Rubin. Not only is the story delightful and quirky, but the illustrations really bring it to life! The squirrels are on a mission to get as

Letters From Space: Book Review

Letters from Space: Picture Book Review If you have a kid who is fascinated by space, they will adore this fun, fact-filled picture book! Written by Clayton Anderson, an astronaut who spent 152 days aboard the International Space Station, this quirky book is fun and funny! Susan Batori’s illustrations bring Clayton’s letters alive as he