Basic Recurring Listing


Promote learning experiences in schools and communities across the nation. Post one event or program visible on Edu-Advisor for up to one year. Includes Recurring Events

Post Events: Camps, Museum Tours, Career Fairs, Job Shadowing, Travel Experiences, Skills Competitions, Hackathons, Career Prep, College Prep, Lectures, Webinars, Tutoring, Exam Prep, Gaming, Podcasts, Scavenger Hunts or Other Learning Experiences.

Post Programs: Incubators, Certificates, Badges, Internships, Apprenticeships, Associates, Bachelors, Career Coaching, Mentorships, Scholarships, On-The-Job Training, Hire a Successor or Other Learning Programs.

Recurring events counts as one post


Dream2Career works with experts to help students find the best career pathways to sustainable careers. Your learning experiences are shared with students, parents, and educators in your community.

Post Event | Program: $100.00/year (paid in full)


Listing Duration: Up to 1 year
Recurring event times and dates for the same event
Access Educator Network

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