Surprise! I’m Starting a Residential StudioI really enjoyed the 20+ years I spent working with people (who typically became my friends) to design their dream houses. Of all the things that changed when I left my last firm and slid on over to BOKA Powell, the only thing I’ve really missed was working on residential projects. You might not know this about me but I generally like people and the best part of doing residential work is the time spent going through the process with the people who have hired me to go on this journey with them. A couple of weeks ago, after thinking about it for slightly longer, I decided to approach a few key individuals in my office and introduce the idea of allowing me to take on residential projects … which is kind of a big deal for a firm of 120 people that focuses on commercial work.

With almost no discussion, the response when I brought it up to my inner circle was an instant “Yes”, almost it as if it was ridiculous that I would need to ask the question.

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