Attorney Eric Traut on Costco Shooting Controversy and Obtaining Video Footage from Inside Large Retail Chains

Traut Firm Corona, CA (Law Firm Newswire) June 24, 2019 – After the contested death of a nonverbal individual left a community reeling, personal injury and wrongful death attorney Eric Traut of Traut Firm has insight into the steps that the family must take in order to get the available evidence from the Costco retail READ MORE

Alleged Medical Negligence Causes Woman’s Wrongful Death

Brooks Schuelke, Esq.Schuelke Law PLLC Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) May 14, 2019 – In this case, a doctor allegedly approved a prescription without doing lab work first. The deceased’s husband filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his wife’s doctor alleging that he negligently authorized the use of a prescription without doing any lab work READ MORE

Philadelphia Infant Among Victims of Fisher Price Rock’n Play

Dean Weitzman, Esq. Philadelphia, PA (Law Firm Newswire) April 29, 2019 – Babies in an inclined cradle with a much-loved blanket, about to drift off to sleep, make for a powerful picture and a successful Mattel Fisher-Price marketing campaign. That campaign took a deadly turn when babies started to die when the product, the Rock’n READ MORE

Cummings Law Represents Patient’s Family in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against VUMC

Brian Cummings, Esq. Nashville, TN (Law Firm Newswire) March 13, 2019 – A lawsuit recently filed by Cummings Law on behalf of the family of Chesta Shoemaker claims that the dedicated nurse and devoted mother died a wrongful death at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Chesta Shoemaker entered the hospital with a kidney infection READ MORE