Since many businesses are now working from home, why not get a group of workers together and organize a travel pod? There is no question that we need human connection and since we are not building social connections in the office, why not get together in the mountains or on a beach with your co-workers?

Airbnb’s recent US Travel Report reveals the need for “togetherness” when we travel. Because of the pandemic and months of staying apart, 1/3 of travelers report seeing people, including family and friends was the main reason they were interested in travel.

This need for social connection continues as more businesses convert to work from home. We talked to a group of travelers in Champaign, IL who rented an Airbnb in California. They were working on a work project together and they decided it would be great to experience “dorm life” after college.

Here are a few of their recommendations:

Make the most the experience

Because of the recent trauma of the pandemic, the world has developed a minor case of agoraphobia, which according to Google is “extreme or irrational fear of entering open or crowded places, of leaving one’s own home, or of being in places from which escape is difficult”. So opportunities to push ourselves to try new things particularly outside are not only good for our psychological development but they improve the quality of our lives. When we look back we will remember these experiences with joy and excitement about a life well lived.

Allow differing perspectives to influence your work

The point of this Pod vacation is to collect ideas, not through the internet, but through experience and differing perspectives. Innovation happens when you can look at a problem differently and that means listening most to those who have the least amount of experience with the work you are achieving. If you do this, you will come home inspired and yearning for the next adventure.

Be kind

The media has taught us the true meaning of shockvertising and now we can’t seem to get away from it. The world has forgotten that there are people with feelings on the other side of the communication channel. This has changed our psychology into one that is hostile and angry, most of the time. This pod experience should be about growing and nurturing in a safe space. That doesn’t mean you can’t poke a little fun at someone, but try to avoid personal attacks, politics or other highly controversial topics. Try to enjoy the time and not outdo your colleagues. They will appreciate you more if you are humble and contribute warm insightful nurturing messages so everyone has the opportunity to grow.

Get to know each other, talk about a favorite sport, and favorite teams. Another cool idea might be to talk about a favorite wine, or an outdoor adventure.

Limit your expectations

I am a person who loves to plan. I like to know what is happening three weeks from Wednesday, however this not good when it comes to teamwork. If you go into this pod travel experience, with an agenda, you are going to be disappointed and you won’t get benefit of learning from others. Having an agenda is good, but make sure it is not detailed and that you find time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge.